Yoga unCorked Podcast

This is Yoga unCorked. We are two Cork Women passionate about yoga. With this podcast we want to lift the lid or un-cork yoga…get it?!
Content warning, there will be swearing, we are rude and if you’re a member of the yoga police, leave now!
But it is also a place for you to learn, laugh and come to love yoga as much as we do. And even better, bring some Yoga practice and wisdom into your daily life.
In each episode you’ll find us chatting about the mysteries of this ancient wisdom in an accessible and entertaining way. While honouring and respecting this practice. It’s changed our lives so we hope it changes yours too.
Whether you’re a seasoned Yogi, someone curious about the bendy people on Instagram or you just want to explore how yoga can improve your life, there will be something for you!!
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Who are we?

Kelly Buckley – Kelly loves to move, loves to groove, thinks she’s got those killamoves. 🕺🏻
Absolutely needs to know your star sign before she knows your name.
Such . A . Gemini .
She’s here for all things holistic and also has a passion for philosophy, anatomy & physiology and psychology .
You’ll more than likely find her hiding out with a good book. She’s murder for them true crime podcasts.

Jeanie Jyanti – Jeanie uses her Celtic roots and love of mysticism to share her holistic interest in Spirituality. She is passionate about taking Yoga off the mat and allowing people to experience Yoga’s healing benefits, gifted to us from Mama India. You will usually find her laughing, thinking about food, nerding out on biochemistry, singing mantra or talking about her dog!


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