About the Alchemy Studio

Our studio is a community focused yoga space where people can come to learn, connect, explore and experience the many benefits Yoga has to offer. We host weekly classes, workshops, student and teacher trainings and experiences. We also have a small shop and a library. The kettle is always on and there is always a smile to welcome you at the door!

Unlike other studios we are run and operated by the teachers. This allows for the student to be at the forefront of the experience, for each teacher to earn a decent wage from sharing their gifts and for the profits to be fairly distributed. Yoga means union, to come together, and so we feel this is the way most in keeping with the yogic philosophy and ethos. Many places teach yoga classes. We teach you about yoga. Hence the word School in the name. If you want to do yoga, come join us. If you want to learn about yoga, come join us. If you want to do both, come join us!

We go to great lengths to ensure the energy is protected and nurtured. It is a living space after all. Filled with air purifying plants, featuring a beautiful alter and burning only 100% natural incense you can breathe deep, and breathe clean. The space is cleaned physically and energetically on a regular basis. The energy in the studio has to be experienced to be believed. Fully stocked with an abundance of props we will have you fully supported and sinking into relaxation. The studio was founded by Jeanie Jyanti and the name originated from her understanding of the yoga practice as a holistic and magical process to transform your entire being. As a Chemist by academic training the word Alchemy just made sense. You can read more about her here.

Studio Location


Environmental Statement:

  • To have the minimum, negative impact possible on the environment in all that we do
  • To inspire and educate all that visit the space to have the minimum, negative impact on the environment.
    – All utilities are supplied by 100% renewable sources.
    – The walls are painted with 0% VOC vegetable-based paints, (almost!) safe enough to eat.
    – We use only bamboo toilet roll – it even comes in biodegradable wrapping!
    – There are ZERO single-use plastics in the studio
    – We use packaging free soap
    – The props are washed in biodegradable, eco-friendly detergents.
    – The mats are cleaned with lemon oil, a natural disinfectant.


Our Mission Statement:

  • Create a safe and open space to encourage self exploration
  •  To provide affordable, authentic and quality yoga classes for a range of demographics
  •  To educate and inspire people on yoga
  •  To build a supportive, inclusive and inspiring community through all that we do
  •  Create a place for the yoga community of Cork to use so they can continue to share their gifts