Wild Garlic and Pistachio Pesto


It’s the time of year (early Spring) where Wild Garlic is everywhere. Often you can smell it as you walk past.

If you’re not sure what it looks like check out this helpful video HERE

Once you know what it looks like you’ll start to see it everywhere.

Wild foods are often far more nutrient dense as they haven’t been cultivated purely for shelf life or appearance. So they are not only free, organic in the purest sense but also really good for you.



A generous bunch of wild garlic

25g of shelled pistachios

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


As you are foraging you might like to collect some spring nettles, the tops of the stalks/buds are often the best. A handful will be enough to not take from the flavour and will add so many nutrients to your pesto!



Having collected your wild garlic wash it in cold, salty water and leave to dry on a clean tea towel.

Using a pestle and mortar grind the pistachios into a fine powder. If you have a blender you can use this instead.

With a sharp knife chop the clean and dry wild garlic into very fine pieces. You can include the leaves, stalk, flowers and buds at the end. Do the same to the nettles if using them.

Mix the garlic/nettles and smashed pistachios to a bowl and add olive oil until its to your desired consistency.

Store in the clean glass jar ensuring there is enough oil to cover all the green to keep it from going mouldy.


Serving suggestion:

This is amazing on pasta, in a salad, as a dip with some pitta or crudites, in stews and sauces, on top of a burger or in a sandwich. The options are endless!

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