Middle Eastern Breakfast

Sometimes Eggs on Toast just doesn’t cut it! Here is a simple, quick and super tasty breakfast to enjoy.

The tahini and za’atar last for months and so are tasty staples always found in my cupboard.


Halloumi with spinach, tahini and za’atar dressing. 

(Vegan options below)

2 slices of oat bread (recipe HERE or Vegan option HERE) or bread of choice


Halloumi/Eggs/Mushrooms (or all 3!)



Za’atar (spice blend)



Toast bread

Fry halloumi/eggs/mushrooms in a pan until cooked

Fry spinach until wilted and season with pepper

In a small bowl mix 2 teaspoons of tahini with 1 teaspoon of oil and 1 teaspoon of za’atar and mix well.

Stack bread, then spinach and drizzle 2/3 of  the sauce.

Add halloumi/eggs/mushrooms and drizzle the remaining 1/3 of sauce.


Vegan options:

Replace the Halloumi with Mushrooms, Tofu, Aubergine or any other tasty alternative.


Dietary Information:

Oat bread recipe is full of protein, fibre, and helps lower cholesterol

Tahini is sesame seed butter and so is packed with healthy fats, bone building nutrients and may even help your liver and kidney function.

Spinach is one of your 5 a day, rich in Vitamin C (for skin health and immunity), packed with fibre, high in Iron and Folic Acid (blood and cell health).

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